We would love to meet you this Sunday.

This Sunday is going to be a great time in church! When you come, we know you'll find an uplifting and inspiring worship experience, fantastic environments for kids, and people like you so that you can simply come as your are knowing that at BELIEVING, there are people there just like you. We're a CHURCH FOR ALL PEOPLE, and would love to see you soon. 

We know that coming to a new place for the first time can be a little overwhelming, so we've put together this page to help make your first expereince at BELIEVING an awesome one!

Malco Paradiso

What can I expect?

Before the worship experience.
From the moment you pull up to the Paradiso on a Sunday, you know you're at BELIEVING. You'll see our signage, banners, and team members right outside. They are there to greet you, point you to the entrance, and assist you if you've got a crew with ya, it's raining, or just simply need a hand. From there, you're welcome to check kids into their environments where they'll have fun meeting friends and bouncing on inflatables, or you can bypass all that and enjoy a free cup of JBrooks coffee in the lobby.

We will start on time.
Every Sunday the worship experience begins right at 10A. Each experience typically lasts just over an hour with music led by the BELIEVING band, video components, and a practical sermon from Michael. You'll get a worship guide when you enter that has helpful information to enable you to learn more about BELIEVING, but if you have any questions along the way, any of our team members wearing yellow "ASK ME" lanyards would be happy to help you out.

And... we got you something. 
Who doesn't love a gift? Well, since it's your first time at BELIEVING, we have something for you. Be sure to stop by the YELLOW TENT and pick up the free gift that we have for you. It's just a simple way for us to say thanks for coming. We can't wait to meet you and hope to see you soon at BELIEVING.

Find out more about this Sunday

This year may have begun with great ambitions and dreams... but here you are. Maybe it's not gone like you thought. Maybe it looks a lot like last year. Maybe you're to to point where you just want to quit... to give in... to give up... to be done with it all. We have good news for you. Don't quit. START OVER.

Through this powerful series we're going to discover the power of continuing and learn, practically, how to keep going in every area of our lives. So if you've got some unachieved dreams, some broken resolutions, and some changing you're ready to give up on, DON'T. Join us Sunday and learn how you can START OVER.