Helping people grow through community.

Simply put, people need people. It's how God built every one of us. In fact, it's through relationships with other people that we actually grow spiritually. That's why we work to structure GROUPS at BELIEVING. Each GROUP is simply a small gathering of people that meets together regularly. It's an opportunity for you to find your community.

GROUPS meet throughout the week in locations throughout the greater Memphis area. Some meet every week while several meet less frequently than that. We want to help you find your community and get connected to a GROUP that's perfect for you in this season.

Join a GROUP

There's no better time than the present to join a GROUP. Our Fall 2017 GROUPS are launching now, so click the link, look around, sign up, and find your community in a GROUP.

Lead a GROUP

We believe that if you have a desire to lead a GROUP, you can lead a GROUP. In fact, whatever you currently enjoy is the perfect launch point for a GROUP. So if there's a passion, idea, dream, or you're just wanting to get some people together to help find community, then sign up to lead a GROUP in an upcoming season.