Helping people grow through community.

We don't believe people should live life alone. Simply put, people need people. In fact, it's through relationships with other people that we actually grow spiritually. That's why we've worked to structure GROUPS at BELIEVING. Each GROUP is simply a small group of people that meets together regularly.

Each GROUP has a unique flavor to it, but they're all designed to help meet some great people and grow your faith through this community. GROUPS meet throughout the week in locations throughout the Memphis area. Some meet every week while several meet less frequently than that. We want to help you find yours and get connected to a GROUP that's perfect for you.

This is so huge because we believe when you find your GROUP, you find community. So join a GROUP for the Summer Season and find community at BELIEVING.

Lead a GROUP

We're always on the look out for new areas and opportunties to start GROUPS. If you're interested in leading a GROUP in the upcoming season, simply fill out the short form below and Aiden, our GROUPS Lead, will be in touch soon!