Church, at the MOVIES...

Jesus was famous for telling stories that captivated people's imagination and used those stories to help those people recognize their need for God. Today, the greatest stories being told are movies, and being that we have church in a movie theater, we believe there's no better tool to use! 

On August 26th we want to invite you to BELIEVING as we use this year's biggest film, Black Panther, in a creative way to connect you with the reality of God's love for us. For every first-time guest, we have a free movie ticket just for you, as our gift to you for coming. No strings attached. Promise. Plus, for everyone there, we'll have free popcorn, cokes and a photo booth for you to remember this moment with your friends. 

Yeah, it's church... and it's at the movies.


Spread the Word

Excited for this edition of BELIEVING at the MOVIES? Us too! Wanna help get the word out? Here ya go. We would love if you used one of the images below to help spread the word and invite a friend or two to BELIEVING at the MOVIES. From the free movie ticket to every first time guest to the popcorn, cokes, photo booth and more, this day is gonna be we wanna let everyone know about... So let's spread the word!